Are you looking to move abroad? If so, you’ll first need to find a safe pathway to do so. Whether you choose to migrate as part of your studies or to further develop your career, strengthening your resumé while in Nigeria will help you become a more competitive candidate for courses, training, and jobs in other countries. Keep reading to find out how you can improve your chances of securing an opportunity abroad by increasing your skills and experience!

Develop Leadership skills

Leadership is one trait that prepares a person for bigger opportunities. To benefit from all-expense paid trips, fellowships or contests in other countries, it is important to gain leadership experience. You can acquire this by being your class representative, leading a small group to attain certain goals, or leading in church or other associations.

Doing this will help you acquire a lot of leadership experience, communication skills, organizational skills and an ability to work in a diverse environment which is often what employers require.

United Nations internships for example do not require work experience. You might be then tempted to ask on what basis they recruit, since work experience is not necessarily required. This is where factors like a candidate’s leadership skills will come in handy.

Also, the YALI and the Mandela Washington fellowships are programmes that allow participants to undergo training in countries outside their home. In order to qualify for these programmes, candidates must have a strong track record of impactful leadership.

Complete Internships

Internships are another way to scale up your chances of migrating. Some internships, especially those which are carried out abroad, have provision for retaining high performing interns after the internship cycle is over. However, internships of this nature are very competitive and they require a certain skill-set. If you would like to learn more about internships of this nature, you can search for and follow SEO Africa on all social media platforms. They organize information sessions and conduct interviews for Nigerian students who are sent to intern at Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Jeffries and other high profile organizations within and outside Nigeria. AIESEC is also another organization that allows students to have exchange programmes in other countries. Find out and join the AIESEC that is present in your school or closet to your University. They offer amazing volunteering and job opportunities outside Nigeria. Another advisable thing to do when it comes to internships is to start small. Depending on your course of study, it is important to intern from small firms and then gradually transition into bigger ones.

It is also advisable to get private sector and government organization experience. Many countries and international organizations want to see that you have experience working at a government level. So if you are a law student for example, while it is important to gain experience from law firms, an internship at the Ministry of Justice or ECOWAS will enhance your profile. The same advice applies to tech students. Aside from working in tech firms for example, try to intern with the Ministry of Digital Operations and Communications or Galaxy Backbone.

Gathering varied, in-depth experience like this will make you better qualified to apply for skilled migrant visas to other countries. Many countries look for skilled migrants and offer long-term/permanent stays to candidates who qualify.

Study a Foreign Language

If you intend to migrate to another country, especially if it is a non-English speaking one, it is only logical to equip yourself with the native language by learning it ahead of time. Many fellowships, international opportunities and even jobs require candidates to have knowledge of a foreign language, particularly French or Spanish. You will be one step closer to your migration goals if you can speak a foreign language! You can learn French from Alliance Français or German in Goethe Institute.

Become a research assistant

This can qualify one for a Masters scholarship abroad. Besides building your profile to qualify for scholarships, getting research experience is a great way to get hands-on experience and prepare yourself for a great career. It will also give you a better idea of what you might want to study or work on in the future.


Volunteering offers many ways to build your resumé. For instance, many university admission boards and job recruiters look to take on applicants with volunteer experience. Additionally, larger organisations like the UN or international NGOs tend to prioritize those who have previously volunteered with them when choosing people to fill long-term, full-time, paid positions. If you volunteer, you will also gain valuable skills and insights into different ways of working and problem solving, not to mention the network of friends you’ll build in the process.

Enter International competitions and Contests

International competitions are a great way to grow your expertise and network. They expose you to a whole new level of knowledge and perspective on issues. You are also able to learn and interact with people from other countries as well as learn and understand their culture and behavioral pattern.

Some international competitions are fully funded while others are not. You can search the internet and apply for fully-funded international competitions or seek travel support from your university or other sponsors. For example, the Nuremberg Moot Competition sponsors participants from developing countries, as well as a number of other organisations, to take part in a simulated international criminal court trial.

As mentioned earlier, it is important to start small. You can start by attending local debates and competitions within your school, before transitioning to the national and international level depending on which of the two is more available or interesting to you.

Follow Your Interests

Ultimately, if you pursue things you are already interested in, you will strengthen your resumé without too much additional work! Join groups and clubs that focus on what you like to do, volunteer with organisations you admire, and study languages and topics you find interesting. In this way, building your resumé is much less of a chore and much more of an enjoyable experience!

A Strong Resumé

Whether you choose to go abroad or not, strengthening your resumé is sure to open up opportunities for you. With additional leadership skills, foreign language capacity, and hands-on experience, you will have an easier time landing a job or securing a position in your course of choice – regardless of where you are. Take the time to invest in yourself!

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